PLC Fall Championships

Paradise Sports Complex

Naples, Florida

November 23 and 24, 2024

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2025-2028:  $4,500 Includes game film

2029-2031:  $2,500 includes game film

TIME: Games can be played each day from 9am - 5pm


  • High School:2025, 2026, 2027, 2028,
  • Middle School:   2029, 2030, 2031


Paradise Sports Complex. Naples, Florida

3940 City Gate Blvd N, Naples, FL 34117


EVENT OVERVIEW: A top tier national event, this is one your team does not want to miss. The Pinnacle Lacrosse Fall Championships will feature teams from across the US and Canada. This event will be a great place for your team to compete with some of top-ranked clubs and gain exposure to a wide array of college recruiters.

Held at the Paradise Sports Complex and North Collier Regional Park in Naples, FLorida, the PLC Fall Championships gets teams out of the cold and into the sun for an exciting, competitive experience! Five guaranteed games and a championship format provide for an action-packed weekend.

US Club Lacrosse will be on-site to evaluate both the teams and individual players as well as provide event recaps and contests during your time on the fields.


Tournament Play – Pool Play

  • 2 – 21 minutes halves
  • 3- minute halftime
  • 5 game guarantee. 3 games Saturday and at least 2 games Sunday
  • No Timeouts
  • No Overtime

Boys: 2024 NFHS Rules with modifications below

Playoff Rules

  • 2 – 21 minutes halves
  • 2- minute halftime

Playoff Games…

  • Teams are awarded (1) 1 minute time-out per team in Regulation Time
  • The clock will stop. Timeout does NOT roll over to OT. No timeouts in OT
  • Timeout can be called when the team calling the timeout is in possession of the ball, anywhere on the field
  • Overtimes will begin immediately and be decided by sudden victory. OT will have a Running Clock on all whistles. First goal scored wins the game.
  • Injuries
  • Any injury within 2 minute and under that requires the game to be stopped, the clock stops with the injury.
  • Any injury with more than 2 minutes remaining when the game is stopped, a maximum of 1 minute will come off the clock to assess the injury before the clock is stopped.

Challenge Matches…

  • If game ends in a tie, teams can choose to end game in a Braveheart (both teams must agree)
    to decide a winner rather than end in a tie
  • Braveheart will be 3v3 plus a goalie for each team
    1 player for each team (can be goalie) must stay on the defensive end of the field, 3 can go forward
    o If both teams do not agree on braveheart, games end in a tie

Boys Rule Specifications

  • Referees will keep game time
  • No stick checks unless refs think a stick is outrageously illegal
  • 4 pole maximum on the field
  • Mercy Rule
  • Applies to youth divisions (2026-2028 only) Applied when there is a 7 goal deficit in pool play. Teams down by 7 or more goals will get a free clear after each goal. Coaches can agree to waive this rule.


  • o 2025 - 2031 Grad Years: Clearing Counts of 20 seconds to cross the midline and 10 seconds
    to advance the ball in the box.
  • The leading team must keep it in the box with under 2 minutes left in the game if the opponent is within 4 goals.
  • If a team leads by 4 or more goals, there will be no start/stop time under 2 minutes in either half. Instead, the game will continue to operate with a running clock.
  • If the score changes to less than 4 goal differential at any point during the final 2 minutes of either half, the clock goes back to stop clock.


  • Limited body checking in 2029 & 2030 Grad Year only. Big hits & physical play (even within three yards of a loose ball) constitute unnecessary roughness (60 sec penalty)
  • One handed stick checks are not allowed in any youth divisions (2031 and below)


  • Penalties are running time starting on the whistle (45 or 90 seconds) Penalty time stops during injuries, end of quarters and while another penalty is being assessed.